Some of the researchers who have worked on the application of the Competition Model
to the processing and learning of various languages include:

Elizabeth Bates
Cognitive Science Department
University of California
La Jolla CA

Kerry Kilborn
Department of Psychology
University of Glasgow

Janet McDonald
Department of Psychology
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Vera Kempe
Department of Psychology
University of Toledo
Toledo, OH

Csaba Pléh
ELTE Psychology Department
Izabella u. 38
Budapest, VI Hungary

Michéle Kail
CNRS Laboratoire de Psychologie Experimentale
28 rue Serpente
75006 Paris, France

Antonella Devescovi
Viale Marx, 15
Rome 00156, Italy

Yoshinori Sasaki
Unviersity of New South Wales

Michael Harrington
University of Queensland

Roman Taraban
Texas Tech
Lubbock, TX

Ping Li
Chinese University
Hong Kong